The forge is a collection of vintage tools and modern equipment .

4 Responses to THE FORGE

  1. henry hohman says:

    do you allow strangers use the forge and if so what are the requirements?

    • Hi Henry,
      No I don’t allow strangers to forge at my shop. You must take the basic blacksmith class and then you can rent shop time.
      This requirement is so I know and everyone else knows you have the training and safety skills needed to forge safely around others.
      I have basic classes every month let me know when you would like at attend one. Thanks Elmo

  2. Kiel Lew says:

    I’m currently working on a Damascus kitchen knife, but do not have a large enough forge. Do you provide forging services, where it can be forged and heat treated and sent back? Or do you know of any local places that would provide this?

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